From the tiniest to teenagers

Natural Kalkpaint for the tiniest up to teenage members of our family will bring calmness at the same time lively effects to the room. We believe that Kalkpainted walls makes everything simpler as decorating becomes much easier when you have brought character to your room with the matte finish and texture from the Kalkpaint. Our paint is great to use in children's rooms as it is without harmful chemicals (VOCs) and contributes to a healthy environment in the home. Adding natural kalkpaint to the walls can add a pop of colour without too much effort.  

Painting and decorating babies' & kids' rooms can be a lot of fun as well as it is a project that is close to the heart. Also, the exiting process to change and upgrade the room as they grow older. Creating a nursery room might be the simplest to do of all the child's age periods. A warm and nice space where they can rest is mostly what we would like to achieve. Later, when the space is not only for sleeping but also a playroom there are a few more things to consider so that the room is both fun for play and cosy to rest in. Rooms for teenagers can also be a bit tricky, they have bigger furniture and often computers, screens, speakers, and gaming chairs which makes it challenging but at the same time so much fun. Gaming furniture would probably not be a decorative mom's first choice but there are many ways to bring some warmth into the space. We feel like Kalkpaint plays a big part to make children's rooms both calm and fresh at any age period in their life.  

Here are a few inspiration photos we want to share with you


@house.no1 - Wall colour Oliva

@dejate.inspirar - Wall colour mix of Ivory, Calce, Mandorla

@roxanall_ - Wall colour Aaida Secco

 @martawojtysiak - Wall colour is our best seller Palladio

  Picture from Kalklitir - Wall colour Mandorla

@jaleemom - Wall colour mix of two Aaida Primo (2:3) and Calce (1:3)

@home_of_blossom - Wall colour Amazone


@Kalklitir - Wall colour Mandorla