Zero waste colours - Now available!

 We acknowledge that all production has an enviromental impact and we believe it is our duty to make that impact as small as possible by reducing emmissions and waste. Step by step we do our best to reduce the impact of our production. If you are interested in this matter we recommend that check out our environmental approch on our website. Also drop us a line if you have questions and we welcome all ideas from our customers on how we can do better!
Any excess kalkpaint that comes from our production, machinery and warehouse is gathered and packaged. By doing this, none of our product goes to waste. Once a year we sell this special mix on a discounted price and donate a portion of the sale to Non-profit organisations that focus on environmental projects at the end of the year.
We proudly present our zero waste colour mix for 2022. Our zero waste mix this year are three beautiful colours. Zero waste 22/01, 22/02 and 22/03.
1 kg bags of our Zero waste colour as well as colour samples are now availiable on our website.
22/01 is a beautiful low/medium strength beige/grey with a hint of greenish undertone.
22/02 is a gorgeous green colour - Similar to our very popular colour Oliva but a darker green. 
22/03 is a gorgeous beige, bright colour with a hint of yellow undertones.
Thank you for your support,
Kalklitir Family