New colour Bríet!

Bríet is an artist from our home country, Iceland, that we listen to almost daily at the Kalklitir office. The generational difference does not matter in the Kalklitir family when it comes to loving Bríet‘s music. That is why it was so special for us to collaborate with her. 

She is extremely talented and we loved having the opportunity to work closely with her to create this beautiful colour. Bríet is a light orange colour with a hint of a peachy undertone. It's incredibly bright and inviting and will make any room look vibrant and fresh. The colour looks amazing with the texture and matte look that you get from Kalklitir‘s natural paint.

The morning we did the photoshoot for the Bríet colour we went to the market for these gorgeous tulips! We all talked about that nice spring vibe we were feeling when working in the studio painted with Bríet. Belgians would probably say that this is way too early but for us Icelanders, it is totally normal. We are born with the quality of being very optimistic when it comes to the weather, otherwise, you won‘t survive in Iceland. But all jokes aside, we are honoured to present our new colour Bríet.

We recommend you listen to her music!
Have a lovely weekend
Kalklitir Family