Five Christmas decor ideas from Kalklitir

Christmas is that time of year where we often spend a lot of time in the home - so  creating a cozy atmosphere will help capture the spirit of the season. Here at Kalklitir we love decorating the home with seasonal elements. We find that there are a few simple tricks to make the home inviting and warm for Christmas. 

1. Seasonal Flowers and Greenery 

Wall colour: Marion Secco


Photo by @nicolahuthwaite - Wall colour: Mix of Aaida Primo and Calce


Photo by @more_less_ines - Wall colour: Leo


2. Cozy textiles and pillows

Photo by - wall colour: Nudo Grigio

Photo by @snyggehygge - wall colour: Mix of Celadon Primo and Palladio 


3. Warm, inviting scents 

Photo by @that_moms_life - Wall colour: Mix of Elle and Celadon primo


Photo by @home_of_blossom - Wall colour: Celadon Primo


4. Winter linen for the bed

Photo by @fresh_delivery - Wall colour: Aaida Primo


Photo by - wall colour: Celadon Primo


Photo by @quatorzemai - Wall colour: Celadon Primo


5. Christmas Glow  

Photo by @_christelle_ - wall colour: Noce

Photo by @mishkashoe - wall colour: Carrera 


Photo by @audurskula - Wall colour: Kalei custom mix



We wish you all a happy holiday! Kindest, Kalklitir family