Painting fireplace

Sitting in front of a fireplace and feeling the natural warmth coming from the fire is so calming and nice and if it looks good as well, perfect.  We often get questions about if the fireplace can be painted and the options of how we can do it. Some of us have an old brick fireplace that needs some love to fit in with the rest of the interior, some would like to make it match the walls or just freshen it up. The options are endless both when having a modern-look, older look, or a simple brick fireplace. We want to make a little blog post about it and explain what to have in mind and hopefully inspire with a few different methods that can be done. Kalkpaint can be applied on surfaces that are not too warm to place the hand on or about 50 °celsius.

We love seeing our customers paint their fireplaces with Kalklitir and when matching the fireplace in the same tone as the wall behind looks for example very nice. If the fireplace has walls and bricks, it is fine to paint both with Kalkpaint but keep in mind that it is the same rule as with painting walls and other things with kalkpaint, it must be clean, free of dust, and grease. If the fireplace is already painted with oil or lacquered paint, primer is needed before. Also, when painting two different materials such as bricks and walls it will most likely not absorb the paint the same way, so the brick part could, for example, turn out darker even though the same colour is used.

Kalklitir also has another product that is specially made for bricks and is called Kalei. We have 15 colours in Kalei. Fireplaces with bricks have often been painted with Kalei with a beautiful outcome but Kalei can also be used on walls. Just keep in mind that the surface needs to be water absorbing for Kalei to stick to the surface. 

The last thing that can be done is to lime-wash the bricks. Some don’t want to fully paint the fireplace, maybe the bricks already have a nice colour but it would be nice to add some fresh touch to it and that is a simple thing to do that will add some character and life to the fireplace. The recipe for lime-wash is one-part pre-mixed colour of Kalkpaint mixed with three to four parts of water. Add more powder or less water if more visible colour is wanted.

@brendanfallis and @hannahbronfman painted their fireplace with Kalei in the colour Cloud.


@mydecostory went from black to soft beige colour. She mixed the colours Elle and Carrera and painted the fireplace in the same colour as the wall.


@_amimami_ painted around her fireplace with the colour Sabbia Primo.


@athomewithesther painted her fireplace with the colour Concrete Primo.


@Ifeefa_nisar painted her fireplace wall in the colour Concrete Secco.


Christinaprell painted her fireplace in the colour Anacardio.


@avec.allure went from white to the colour Lute Primo.