Few of our favourite custom color mixes!

It can be so challenging to find the perfect colour for the home, we know! However, there is a simple solution to this. With our natural powder paint it's easy to mix together colours to get the perfect tone and we love seeing our customers get creative with Kalklitir‘s colours.

When using natural paint like our Kalkpaint, the outcome of the painted wall depends on the absorption of the surface you are painting on, the paint technique you use, the lighting in the room and the surrounding colours will also effect how the colour will look and that is why we always recommend to our customers to purchase a colour sample to compare to the wall.

If you are looking for a specific colour, you can always mix 2-3 colours in our collection together, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. We recommend mixing 2-3 colours at most as otherwise there is a risk of the wall becoming uneven. If you like a specific colour in our collection but you want a lighter version of it then it is simple to lighten it by mixing our lighter shades for example Ivory, Carrera and Cotton to it and the same if you want a colour darker or a bit more grey, then you can add for example Nero, Concrete Secco and Marion Secco. The options and possibilities are endless!

When mixing your own colour, we suggest mixing the colours in powder forms before adding water. Start slow, test it out and then you can gradually add more powder to the mix until you are satisfied.


We have put together a few of our favourite custom colour mixes!

Elle and Mabelle


Mandorla, Ivory and Calce



Palladio and Cotton



Nudo Grigio, Celadon Primo and Emma



Nudo Grigio and Calce



Palladio and Cotton



Terracotta, Roseto and some Palladio


 Ivory, Leo and Concrete



Take care,
Kalklitir Family