Collaborations of the month - February

Happy warmer weather and welcome March!
We want to share with you a few beautiful collaborations we did in February with some amazingly talented women whom we really enjoyed working with. Christine in Alabama, and Mélinda and Camille from France did some beautiful work in their homes. We must say that we are so grateful and excited about how well our lovely customers from France are receiving us!


Christine painted her bedroom with the colour Ivory. She previously painted with a mix of Lino and Celadon Primo but wanted to brighten up the space.


Mélinda painted her beautiful living room with the colour Aida Primo. She has a gorgeous wooden table, and we think the colour goes so well with the natural elements in her home.


Camille created a custom mix of 50/50 Calce and Aida Primo. The outcome is a beautiful soft beige tone that goes so well in her kid’s room.

 Have a lovely weekend,

Kalklitir Family