Our best-selling colour


Palladio has been with us from the very beginning of the Kalklitir adventure. When Audur, Kalklitir‘s founder and CEO made Palladio she had in mind to create a very neutral and light colour that would suit some beautiful marble tiles in her home in Iceland. The outcome was Palladio - a colour that would work with both the grey and beige tones as the marble tiles consisted of both colours. 

We would describe Palladio as a light shade of beige. Palladio is incredibly easy to work with and makes every room calm and relaxing. Palladio also has that feature to work very well with so many other colours and that is for sure one of the many reasons why the colour is so well-liked. Nothing less than a special blog post for our dear Palladio is needed.  

Working with natural paint like Kalklitir the colour depends on the absorption of the surface you are painting on, the paint technique you use, and the light and surrounding colours will also effect how the colour will look and that is why we always recommend purchasing our hand-painted colour sample to compare to your wall. It can also help to look at pictures of the same colour to compare them and therefore get the idea of how the colour can look. However, no two walls will ever be the same and that is one of the many reasons why natural paint is so great! We hope you get inspired by these beautiful photos of Palladio.