All about primer

Do I need a primer before painting with Kalklitir? This is a question that we get quite a lot, and we understand why; There is a great difference to work with natural paint like Kalklitir vs. acrylic paint. As super easy it is to paint with kalklitir, it can be tricky to know if you need to prepare your walls with a primer to get an even absorption and the best results. We want to share with you some practical information about the primer that might be helpful if you are unsure about your surface.

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If your surface is painted with matt or semi-matt water-based paint, you can paint directly on your wall without using a primer or other preparation and your wall colour does not need to be white before. As well as unpainted surfaces, such as concrete, gips, plaster, woods, etc, and of course already Kalkpainted walls. Have in mind in all these cases mentioned above your wall always needs to be clean and free of oil, grease, and dust, if so, you can now roll up your sleeves and get to work!  

Primer is recommended

If your surface has been painted with oil or lacquered paint or if you want to go from Kalklitir to acrylic paint and in most cases on wallpaper you will need to use a primer before painting with Kalklitir. When you have plaster on parts of the wall, such as on joints or where you have fixed holes you will also need to use primer on your wall. This is because our natural Kalkpaint will not bond with oil-based surfaces and plaster will absorb differently so you want to prevent discoloration. If you get to the conclusion that you will need a primer before you start, then keep on reading:

We finally managed to develop the perfect primer that still meets our standards and principles when it comes to the environment. Kalklitir’s primer is sold in powder form like our kalkpaint. It is very important to us to avoid transport of water, as we then manage to reduce the carbon footprint from transport by at least 65%. Our primer comes in 500gr bags and when mixed with 600ml of water you will get about 1L of Primer that can cover 8-10m2, depending on the absorption and the method used. Our primer is zero-VOC! 

We, of course, recommend using Kalklitir’s primer but if you wish to use another brand for a primer it is important for you to choose a water-based acrylic primer that is free of alkyd.


You can apply our primer both with a brush and roller


Preparation is very important when using natural paint and the work will all be worth it for the outcome you will get!
Have a beautiful day,
Kalklitir Family