Three facts for fun about Kalklitir family

Kalklitir is an Icelandic family-run business based in Belgium. We specialise in natural paints and decorative art. Our company is based on the passion and education of our CEO and founder Audur Skula. Members of Kalklitir’s family are married couple Audur and Hjortur, their three grown-up children, Viktor, Fanny, Agusta, three in-laws, Kristrun, Victor, Arni and two grandchildren. We think living together abroad makes us a very strong team as we must rely on each other in and outside of business and that fact we spend A LOT of time together!
We are 7 employees at Kalklitir all members of Kalklitir’s family but in the future, we hope we can offer more people to work with us!

  • We all have in common a passion for food, and the highlight of the day is sitting down in our dining room (that we btw recently painted all together with the colour Marion Secco) and enjoying Hjortur’s and Audur’s cooking. Hjortur worked as a chef ‘’in the olden days’’ on a fishing ship back in Iceland, where he cooked for hard working sailors. We love his cooking and Audur’s hearty mom meals that is made with the key ingredient LOVE. Being able to enjoy a lovely homemade meal and at the same time spend family time together every day is very precious for us all.


  • We are so lucky to be able to take our dogs to work. We think it is lovely for everyone working around our dogs and they for sure make a positive influence on our well-being during the workdays. Our furry employees Jökull and Lennon took their time to build their friendship, but they get along very well now. They make sure we stand up during the day to get a fresh air, little walks, and a lot of cuddles. Jökull works before noon in our production and rest of the day at the office. Lennon is working full time at the office.


  • Out of 52 colours in our collection, we all have Sabbia Secco painted somewhere in our homes. Sabbia Secco is darker version of Sabbia Primo. It’s a lovely warm beige colour with a tint of grey undertone. We all fell in love with this beautiful colour so there is no surprise why we have chosen to use it in our homes. The women in the family are very close and we often have a laugh about how great it is to get one of us as a customer because if we are happy, you can make sure the rest of us will follow and that is probably the case with our lovely Sabbia Secco even though our homes are very different from each other.
Happy Friday,
Kalklitir family