Collaborations of the month – March & April

We feel like we wrote our last monthly collaboration blog post yesterday, but it has been two months already! We really lost track of time as we have been working on some very exciting things! One of it is that we finally launched Kalklitir primer YAY!
(We will share with you a special primer blog with some helpful information very soon).
As we forgot our monthly blog for March, this one will be double! For March we worked with three amazing women, Adeline in France and Luxembourg, Eve from France, and Kate from UK. In April we worked with Joanne from the UK, Maryam in Finland.

Adeline painted her cosy bedroom in the colour Noce 

Eve painted her beautiful home in france with the colour she mixed, 50/50 Noce and Palladio

Kate painted her gorgeous living room in the colour Nudo grigio

She painted her lovely bathroom in Nudo grigio

She painted this gorgeous living room in Noce

Have a lovely week,
Kalklitir Family