About us

Kalklitir is a family-owned company specializing in natural paints and decorative art. We are seven family members born in Iceland: Audur and Hjortur, Viktor and Kristrun, Fanny, Agusta and Arni. The Company is based on the skills and education of Audur Skula who is trained as a decorative painter. Audur wanted to bring natural paint techniques into the interior and decorative world with a focus on creating DIY products for women.
        Through the years, Kalklitir has evolved and with environmental perspectives as a focus, all of Kalklitir products are produced in powder form, reducing environmental impact. Our profession has a rich heritage that we are proud of and we hope to inspire our customers in creating a beautiful home with natural elements. 

We hope that your visit to our page will be both pleasant and inspiring and we thank you for taking the time.

Audur, Hjortur, Viktor, Kristrun, Fanny, Agusta and Arni